Zexa exists because of the “leave the place better than we found it” value at the heart of parent company, Sirron Holdings Group. Since 2009, our focus has been on providing a high performance range for the hospitality industry that is gentle on both users and the environment within which they are used – doing no harm, effective, sustainable and innovative.

We started out to solve two common problems in a commercial kitchen: reducing scale build up and preventing damage to parts in commercial dishwashers caused by the use of chlorinated or caustic cleaning agents. We then looked at doing this for all cleaning products. The development of concentrates through our advanced understanding of the user interface has allowed us to reduce shipping, cost and packaging and ensures that the Zexa concept remains a sustainable way of doing business.

All of this was possible because of our out of the box thinking. Our innovation embraced the weird and wonderful to create results we could be proud of.