Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Enter?

The Golden Bean entries are now open and you can register online.

How do I Attend?

Due to Covid-19 Golden Bean will be restricted on who can and can’t attend. Attendees will be given an invitation to attend.

Can I enter more than one coffee in a category?

Yes, but there is a limit of ten entries per category.

Who will judge my coffee?

The Golden Bean has invited specialty judges to judge the coffees.

Will there be an Award’s Night?

Due to Covid-19 Golden Bean will not be able to run a formal Award’s dinner in 2021.

How do I get my medal?

Medals and Trophies will be awarded online on the Golden Bean website and social media. Trophies and Medals will be sent out to roasters within 30 days.

I haven’t received my coffee bags?

Due to Covid-19 Golden Bean will not be able to send out competition entry bags. Please send in your coffee entry in a plain unlabelled bag with your packing slip attached before Monday 23rd November.

Why is there only 5 categories?

Due to Covid-19 Golden Bean will only be running five categories, simply as we do not have enough judges.

Can I still get a VIP ticket if I enter more than 10 coffees?

The Golden Bean has put a limit on how many times a roaster can enter into one category. A roaster can enter one coffee entry per category. There will be no VIP tickets handed out this Golden Bean.

What is the packing slip?

Once you have submitted and paid for your entries, the MY ENTRIES page will display a PRINT PACKING SLIP download button. Please print each individual packing slip and attach it to your designated coffee, then we are able to scan the barcode and mark your coffee as received.

When should I send my coffee in and where to?

All competition entries are due by Monday 23rd November 5.00pm EST.


The Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition

30 Jambali Rd

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Need more help?

Contact: Robert Marlowe or call 0404 837 608

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